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Things to Consider When Looking For Storage Unit Rentals

Storage units are an excellent way to safely store your belongings to free up usable space either in your house or workplace. You can use storage unit rentals for long-term purposes to keep your valuables or in the short term if you are relocating to a new house or you have landed yourself a new job in a different area. Nevertheless, renting a storage unit entails more than finding the cheapest option available. There are other considerations you need to make apart from price, and with more than 48000 storage facilities in the United States, there’s so much that you need to compare. Choosing the cheapest option available can bring about many disadvantages, such as damage to your belongings, theft, among others. Below are the factors to keep in mind when renting a storage unit.

Consider the size of the storage unit. One of the first things you should look out when renting a storage unit is the amount of space you will require. If you have a bag or box of confidential documents, it makes sense for you to rent a storage locker. They are pocket-friendly, and you can find them in a storage facility which makes them safe. On the other hand, if you want to store furniture or large amounts of smaller items, you should go for a big-sized storage unit. Outdoor storage space will be ideal if you want to store a car or boat. Covered storage spaces will safeguard your vehicles from any elements, and you will not have to pay a lot of money compared to an indoor storage unit. First, make sure that you check out the storage unit you intend to have before paying any money.

The other thing to keep in mind is the climate control measures. You must determine if you require climate control for your belongings. Climate controlled units are located indoors and have regulated temperature and humidity levels. As a result, it deters moisture from ruining your delicate belongings such as wooden antiques or crucial documents. It is worth noting that climate control units are more expensive. But, it is good to think of them as a form of an insurance policy. Their monthly cost is lower as opposed to replacing your items damaged by moisture or temperature.

Find out whether the storage facility offers an insurance policy. It is an excellent way to safeguard yourself financially in case something happens to your storage unit. Be sure to get a clear explanation of what is covered in the insurance policy. Most of the time, the insurance policy covers weather damage; however, you may want to include theft coverage to increase the amount you are covered for. Additionally, you can opt for third-party insurance if the facility does not cover what you require.

Look at the security features available in the storage facility. It is good to see them how much security is available at the storage facility you are considering. If there is less security, that means it will be cheaper for you to rent a storage unit. Apart from that, it can also mean that your storage unit is at a high risk of theft or damage. Storage facilities provide multiple security features. Make sure you can lock your storage unit, a security guard is patrolling around the premises, and CCTV cameras monitor the boundaries.

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